Call of duty: Black Ops III is the latest sequel that will be declared by the Treyarch. Call of duty is a popular game franchise produced by the Treyarch. It is a first person shooter video game that will be adored extensively on the list of gaming fanatics around the world.
Among those additional advantages range from both player campaign style accessible just on the newest generation games consoles.
One other significant statement in the developer Treyarch has affirmed the latest sequel is coming together with the much hoped-for Nuketown, the map of which was leaked before by a retailer and had several users using black ops 3 hacks.
The map is going to be accessible to gamers via a download code which is a part of the carton with all the game. It has to be remembered the multiplayer map is offered to the Xbox One, PC and PS4 games consoles.
In line with the statement created by the game developers it’s placed to release in next month on November 6 which will soon be published for the old generation games consoles Xbox 360, such as the PS3, Along With the newer games consoles such as Xbox One and the PS4 as well in terms of PC.
The basic storyline of the game is placed as time goes on, some 40 years. In the year 2065 most of the nations on the planet manages to develop high tech air defenses which leave the air strikes not useful and secret operatives become the principal focus in the wars who works behind the enemy lines. Military technology is really improved that supersoldiers and robotics fight in the battle field that is specific. This creates a panic of robotic takeover of the planet on the list of overall public plus they take part in the violent demonstrations in an endeavor to cease these so called progress.
Just like the last versions, the game revolves around several black ops soldiers which have the supersoldier skills.
The brand new video game also features zombie storylines specifically the Shadows of The Giant as well as Bad. Unlike The Giant, Shadows of Wicked is founded on an entirely new storyline. In accordance with the Treyarch the characters of the storyline are the people that are disruptive. The characters drift in the city which is packed by the zombies headed by a mysterious character called the Shadow Man.

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Counter strike is a first person shooter, multiplayer strategy game.  The game involved two groups, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. A player can join either one of these groups and fight with his/ her team, against the other group’s team. The teams compete in a series of missions against each other. The team that eliminates the other, or if the game ends without conclusion, then the team with the mission’s main objective loses. For instance in bomb defusion, if the terrorists eliminate the counter-terrorists, they win. If the game ends without conclusion, the terrorists win.

The first edition of counter strike, commonly referred to as cs go hack to differentiate it from the other releases, was first designed in 1999 by Mihn Le and Jess Cliffe. The game itself was a modification (mod) based on Half life – a first person shooter game. The aim of the development, according to Le, was to create a game that captured reality within the terror versus counter terror theme. It was designed for Windows OS.

After development, the game picked so well with the gaming community and it soared. Le and Cliffe decided to have the gaming community produce mods to improve the game. Once published, Le and Cliffe would vet it and if it was good enough, with a few adjustments, publish it into the game.

Counter strike is jointly developed with the involvement of the gaming community. Seeing as it was a profitable venture that had just put Le and Cliffe on the map, it was not surprising that other people got interested in purchasing the game. In 2000, the game’s intellectual rights were purchased by Valve Corporation. Minh went on to work for Valve. In 2003, the game was ported to Xbox.

In 2004, Counter Strike: Condition Zero was released as the first edition of counter strike released under valve corporation. The game was released by Turtle Rock Studios and ran on Valve’s new source engine. The reception was however very poor as compared to its predecessor.

Eight months later, in the same year, Valve released Counter Strike: Source which ran fully on their new source engine. The game was originally released as a bets version for select few and was the first to publicly run on the Source engine. It had better graphics than its predecessors

Counter strike: Global offensive is the fourth edition of the game. A modification of the first edition, it boasts way better graphics and customization than all of its predecessors. It has a lot more emphasis on competitive game play and was very well received by the gaming community. Most people have already moved to this edition. The game was released in 2012 amd runs on Linux, OSX as well as Windows.

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